BBQ Bundle

BBQ Bundle

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3 Packages Drumsticks  (12 drumsticks total )

3 Packages Bone-in Thighs (12 thighs total)

2 Packages (16 wings total)

Introducing our Pasture-Raised Poultry BBQ Bundle! Dive into the delicious goodness of humanely-raised chickens, free to roam and forage in open pastures, resulting in happier birds and healthier meat for you. This bundle includes succulent drumsticks, flavorful bone-in thighs, and juicy wings, all packed with natural goodness and raised with care. Treat yourself to the taste of ethical, pasture-raised poultry - it's a choice you can feel good about!

What's inside?

This bundle Includes: 

3 Packages of Drumsticks (lbs)

3 Packages of Bone-In Thighs (lbs)

2 Packages of Wings (lbs)