What is Regenerative Farming

Farming that heals the earth!!

Regenerative farming is a system which using principles to rehabilitate the entire ecosystem of the land. It is a farming method that uses natural recourses to improve the earth rather than destroying and depleting. Minimizing soil disruption, keeping soil covered, maximizing diversity of crops, maintaining a living root year-round and integrating livestock. These are all ways that promote a healthy soil microbiome, prevents soil erosion and enhances water infiltration. Everything starts with creating a healthy soil. Growing nutrient dense forage which the animals eat providing us with nutritious and tasty meals.  

Farm Values

  • Organic & Non GMO -   All of our feed is Certified Organic and GMO-FREE. We purchase our feed from Kentucky Organic Farm and Feed Inc. (KOFFI). Located 3 hours north of our farm, we drive once a month to pick-up 1 ton tote bags. We also choose not to add any preservatives. Giving our animals the highest quality food without any chemicals, preservatives and genetic modifications.
  • Soy Free -   Soy is not the healthiest choice for livestock. Soy contains a high level of phytoestrogen which is the plant version of estrogen. Phytic acid is another compound in soy which blinds to metal ions and prevents absorptions of certain minerals, including magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. Laying hens uses calcium to form the eggshells. If hens do not have enough calcium in their diet, their bodies will start to pull calcium out of the bones to make shells. We care about the nutrients and overall health of the animals.
  • Corn Free- Corn can be difficult for some animals to digest, which can cause bloating, diarrhea and reduced feed efficiency. Corn is used as a filler in feed as well, which we would rather use alternative grains that have more nutrients. Corn is a very resource intensive crop to grow that requires large amounts of water, fertilizers and pesticides. We all are contributing on the impact we have on the earth. If we can minimize the use of a certain product we will!
  • Antibiotic free- Using the practices of Regenerative farming helps us prevent the use of antibiotics in the livestock. Keeping the animals in a certain area for a certain time and moving them away from manure helps prevent the spread of pathogens. Clean living, sunshine and fresh air all help improve the health and quality of life for everyone. If their was a case where we had to use antibiotics to save the life of a animal we would. Our mission is to create healthy animals that do not require antibiotics.
  • Hormone Free- Lets keep everything the way nature intended. It takes more time, energy and money for an animal to grow naturally, but we do not want to rush the process. Adding hormones to feed, shots and implants are practices used by many industrial farmers to gain more profits in a shorter time. This is not beneficial to the health of the animals or the products we consume from them.
  • Vaccine free- With out vaccines, the immune system of the livestock can naturally develop an immunity to diseases. Which can help maintain a healthy ecosystem in the livestock as well as reducing the reliance on pharmaceuticals. All our chicks come vaccine free from the hatcheries. Our pigs are vaccine free. The cattle we purchased from previous owners have been vaccinated. As we build our own herd, we will not be vaccinating any of the calves born on the farm.
  • Synthetic fertilizers free- Letting our livestock fertilizer the pastures NATURALLY. The manure, urine, composting vegetation and building the earthworm population in the soil is all we need.  Using synthetic chemicals on pastures can lead to imbalances in soil. The bacteria and microbes in the soil are stimulated by the chemicals, which makes them consume more organic matter than the plants can put back into the soil. Making the soil unbalanced and unhealthy can lead to pests and plant diseases. Everything starts with the health of the soil and working with nature in harmony.
  • NO Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides- NO “CIDE’S” are used on the farm. The suffix “-cide” means the act of killing or causing death of a person or thing.  These chemicals can persist for a long time in the soil after they are applied. They can have lasting effects on future vegetation growth, animal and human health. These chemicals do not stay in once place, carried away by runoff water into creeks, rivers and eventually leading to the ocean. Killing off biodiversity is not the answer. Making the right choices to eliminate the use of these chemicals for the earth.
  • NO Castration- We will not be castrating any of our livestock.  Not castrating animals avoids stress and pain. Some studies show that castration can lead to health issues. Also not castrating allows the animals to express their natural behavior and instincts. We want the herds to be healthy and thrive in natural selections for reproduction. 

We want our communities to know the values we have on our farm that can help lead to a better future. With your support and sharing our information about the importance of regenerative farming and the impact is has on this plant. Thank you!