Jersey Dairy Cows

100% Grass Fed

Frequently asked questions and answers about our animals. If you have more please send us a message!

Why does it look like my milk is separating?

What can I do with my old milk?

How long is my milk good for?

Why does my milk taste different than last time?

How are your dairy cows raised and managed on pasture?

What percentage of the cows' diet comes from grazing on pasture?

Are the cows rotated to fresh pasture regularly?

Do you supplement their diet with feed, and if so, what kind?

What types of grasses and forage are available to the cows?

Are the feeds organic or non-GMO?

Are any antibiotics or hormones used in raising the cows?

How are the cows protected from predators or extreme weather conditions?

How do you handle the health and welfare of the cows?

How is the raw milk collected and processed?

Are there any pesticides or herbicides used on the pasture?

Can consumers visit the farm to see the conditions firsthand?

What measures are taken to ensure the cleanliness and safety of raw milk?

How do you maintain the quality and freshness of raw milk?

Are there any regulations or laws governing the sale of raw milk in your area?

Do you have any testing procedures in place for the milk?

How is the milk stored before sale?

Can consumers purchase raw milk directly from the farm, or is it sold through other outlets?

Are there any risks associated with consuming raw milk, and how do you address them?

What breed(s) of dairy cows do you raise?

What sustainability practices are implemented in your dairy operation?

Can you provide information about the lifecycle of your dairy cows?

Do you have any partnerships with local businesses or cheesemakers for your dairy products?