Pasture-Forest Raised Pork

Providing a richer deeper flavor

Frequently asked questions and answers about our animals. If you have more please send us a message!

What does "pasture-raised" mean for your pork?

How much space do the pigs have to roam and forage?

Page What types of vegetation do the pigs have access to?

Do you supplement their diet with feed, and if so, what kind?

Are the feeds organic or non-GMO?

Are any antibiotics or hormones used in raising the pigs?

How are the pigs protected from predators?

Are any pesticides or herbicides used on the land?

How often are the pigs moved to fresh pasture/ forest?

What measures are taken to ensure the welfare and health of the pigs?

Are the pigs processed on-site or at a separate facility?

Is your pasture raised pork processed under USDA inspection?

Are there any chemicals used during the processing?

Why is my pork frozen?

What kind of housing/shelter do the pigs have access to?

How are the pigs protected from extreme weather conditions?

Can consumers visit the farm to see the conditions firsthand?

How do you use your pigs in regenerative agriculture?

Can you provide information about the specific breed(s) of pigs raised?

How do you ensure the pork's overall quality, taste, and freshness?