Our Story

Changing our food for health

We are a first generation regenerative farm!!! Our family is very passionate about eating healthy food, minimizing toxins and making a small deference in restoring our earth. Our journey began when my husband Ernie started to have reactions to wheat. This made us read all the ingredients on the back of each product. If we did not know what something was we researched each item. This opened our eyes and made us ask questions about our food. We realized how much of our food is full of synthetics chemicals, artificial colors/ flavor, preservatives and toxins. 

We started by switching to organic vegetables to eliminate the herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizer that are sprayed. Followed by organic eggs and meat to avoid the antibiotic and hormones. I purchased " Organic Free Range Eggs" and when Ernie came home and saw them in the refrigerator he asked me why did I buy those eggs. My response to him was "They are Free Range chickens" In my mind I thought this would be chickens roaming freely around a farm and having a barn close to lay their eggs.

Unfortunately that is not what that "labeling" represents. Any producers who labels their eggs with "free range" only require the hens to have a door to access the outside. Their are still tens of thousands of birds inside a barn. No requirements of the quality and space to the outdoors or the amount of time the hens have access to. The labeling was very misleading and certain words are used for marketing. We realized the products we wanted were not going to be in the grocery store.

Researching for farms which raised their animals in a ethical and healthy way that met all our requirements. This is when we learned the practices of regenerative farming and the impacts it has. We thought long about what our next chapter was going to be. In our hearts we wanted to start a regenerative farm. We knew this would take a lot of labor and learning. Providing amazing healthy food for our family and to many others as well. Helping restore a little piece of the earth. Bringing a better and sustainable future to our generations. Change will not happen over night instead it has to start at somewhere! Bring to you Healthy Pastures, Healthy Animals, Healthy YOU!

From our family to yours, 

Ernie, Janet, Miran, Aurelia & baby


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