Pick-up Location

Pasture-raised food brought to you!

Step 1
Create an account on www.ironrootpastures.com Enter your zip code to find a pick up near you. Locations currently include: Iron Root Pastures Farm, Trenton GA, Buford GA, Kennesaw GA, Canton GA, Roswell and Chattanooga TN. Shop local pasture raised & organically fed farm fresh products .

Step 2

When you are finished shopping click "Place Order" If you leave your cart open and do not complete your check out, your order will not be processed. The price in your cart is an ESTIMATE ONLY. Because many items are charged by the pound we will not know your exact total until your order is packed. 

Step 3

Orders can be edited in the cart all the way up until the cut-off date for your location. Your "cut-off date" is located on the top of the home page. You can add or remove any items. Some items are limited, if you remove an item it might not be guaranteed to be re-add to your cart. Your order will be packaged by us after your "cut-off date" You will receive a email receipt with the final price and your card will be processed. 

Step 4
Time to meet us at your Pickup Location! A member of the Iron Root Pasture family will hand deliver orders that will be located in the back of our Blue Iron Root Pastures truck. We allow 45 minutes at each drop to ensure everyone has ample time to pick up their orders, answer any questions and chat about what is happening on on farm. If you are unable to pick your order up please have someone come pick up the order for you. Once all orders have been picked up. Our truck moves on to the next destination and we will see you in a month for the next drop! 

                                                 Thank you for supporting your local Regenerative Farm!